…once largest steel foundry in N. America

Columbus Castings (1902)

2211 Parsons Ave. Columbus, OH 43207

Owner: 476 Bridge Street LLC
Dating back to 1881 as the Murray-Hayden Foundry, Columbus Castings / Buckeye Steel was the largest single site steel foundry in North America. It manufactured steel castings for freight and passenger rail cars, locomotives, mining equipment, and other heavy industrial industries. The company was moved to the current Parsons Avenue location in 1902 when the name was changed to the Buckeye Steel Castings Company. The facility covers an area of over 90 acres, of which 22 are under roof. Buckeye Steel was once led by Samuel Prescott Bush, grandfather of President George H.W. Bush. Columbus Castings halted operations on May 9, 2016 after filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The site is currently vacant and for sale.

A special thank you to Sherman Cahal, AbandonedOnline.net for contributing photos.